Wednesday, 14 January 2009

The Android effect

In an earlier post I highlighted the success of our Android application.

It's a subject worth revisiting as my stats indicate that the HTC Dream is now one of the most popular devices used to access Mippin.

It's a remarkable story, given that Google's first Android phone was launched a snip over three months ago.

Since our own app hit the Android store (on December 15th 2008), the number of G1 users accessing Mippin has increased by a mammoth 1500%. And, crucially for any company involved in mobile content services, these users display some favorable characteristics; they are both significantly engaged and impressively loyal.

How engaged? To add some context, users of the HTC Dream spend an average of nearly seven minutes (6.52 to be precise) using Mippin. This compares favourably indeed to the iPhone (currently our fifth most popular single device) whose users spend 3.32mins using our product. While both these lie some way behind users of the Nokia N73 - who notch up an average of 10minutes - we're still incredibly happy to report these figures.

How loyal? Android users also offer significantly reduced bounce rates. I won't go into too much detail, but suffice to say that for every 100 new users who visit the service using a G1, almost all are still using the service one month later. Here too, Android beats Apple, though both are just behind users of the N95, who remain the most loyal Mippin users of all.

It's clearly still way too early to say with confidence that 2009 will be the breakout year for mobile, but these figures do indicate that despite the current economic gloom, there's still room for huge optimism. With more and more manufacturers embracing Android and smart phones gaining in market share, we're very definitely at the start of a significant shift in mobile browsing habits.

This was succinctly summed up by one of our user testers before Christmas, who told us: "I do find myself going to the same old places on my phone, but I'm really keen to discover more!"

Now, clearly, this was music to our ears, as one of key benefits of using Mippin is the ease with which it's possible to explore and discover new content (for the record Mippin now houses over 50,000 sites and nearly 35m stories). But it's also reflective of the 'new' type of user, someone who - backed by a solid payment plan and hi-end device - is unafraid to experiment on mobile.

In fact, we've produced a new video just for them (well, actually for the Mobile Monday Peer Awards, ahem). Here it is:

(For those interested the track is 'Setting Sun' by the Chemical Brothers)

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